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free take-out!!

please call ahead (518)758-8084





Sunday: 7am - 2pm

Monday: CLOSED

Tuesday: 7am - 2pm 

Wednesday: 7am - 2pm

Thursday: 7am - 2pm

Friday: 7am - 2pm 

Saturday: 7am - 2pm


How to Order...

No Contact Pick Up-

1.call us

2. place your order

3. pay by phone

4.pick up your order outside

(we are also happy to bring it to your car just let us know)


1.call us before 1pm

2.place your order

bagels, sandwiches, ground coffee, milk, eggs, pasta ,

jarred sauce & many more grocery items(see list below)

3. pay over the phone

4.your order will be packed and delivered contact free after 2pm

Groceries Items


Riscossa Farfalle 2.50

Riscossa Linguini 2

Riscossa Penne Ziti 2

Risossa Pastina 2

Pastificio G. Martino Spaghetti 2.50

Rummo Spaghetti 2.50

Rummo Penne Rigate 2.50

Callipo Solid Light Tuna in Olive Oil 5.50

Genova Yellow fin tuna in olive oil 3.50

La Fede Anchovies 3.50

La Fede Marinara sauce 6

La Fede Vodka Sauce 6

La Fede Extra Virgin Olive OIl

La Fede Olive oil

La Fede Red  Wine Vinegar 2.50

La Fede Balsamic Vinegar 3

La Fede Breadcrumbs 3

Ferrara Red Clams sauce 3.50

Pastene White Clam Sauce 3.75

Half n half quart 3

Milk 1/2 gallon( 2% or Whole) 4

Eggs 4

Lemon Drop Cookies  14oz  6

Biscotti Brothers...

Anise Biscotti  4.50

Chocolate Biscotti  5

Chocolate Dipped Almond Biscotti 5.50

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti 4

 Pesto - Fratelli D'Amico (17.6 oz)  6

Mancini  Fried Peppers 3.50

D'Amico mixed mushrooms in olive oil 4.50

La Fede roasted red peppers 2.50

La Fede Artichokes 

La Fede Pepperoncini 2.50

La Fede Sicilian Olives  4

La Fede Calamata Olives  4.50 

La Fede Hot Stuffed Peppers 4.50

Caputo 00 Baking Flour 9.50

S. Pellingrino Water 3

House roast coffee 12 oz( Ground) 10.95 


Pretzel rods 3.69

Kettle Potato Chips 3.79

-sour cream onion

Cape Cod 3.79

-white cheddar sour cream

-dark russet


-sea salt vinagar

-sea salt cracked pepper

-reduced fat

Wise Brand 2

original ridgies

sour cream onion ridgies

cheddar sour cream ridgies

onion & garlic 

onion rings

butter popcorn

Cheez Puffs  .99

Cheez doodles extra crunchy

Cheez doodles hot & honey

Party mix 1.69

Toilet Paper (per roll)   1

Paper towels (per roll) 1.5




Grocery Items